Pokemon A New Dawn (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Joexv
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 0.2


There is an evil team called Team Night. They want to use the Arcanite Machine to produce a dark light and suppress this world into the “Eternal Night”. Unfortunately, Team Night’s plans were foiled by a young orphan from Southfalls City who’s family was killed by the “Darkness” when he was a small baby.

After 3 years, it seems that Team Night is going to rise again. There are 4 young trainers, they are working under the guidance of Professor Rose. Suddenly, Professor Rose disappear and these 4 students have to find out where did she go to. This adventure is not easy for them at all since there are many dark paths are waiting.


– There are two new regions, each region contains 2 different Pokemon Leagues, each League have 4 Gyms and its Champion.
– The body is FireRed, but the soul is more different a little bit. You will have a nostalgic feel while exploring many new places.
– More than 10 starters for you to select. So, choose your companion wisely.
– The chapters in this game are provided by Pokemon fans.
– The Pokedex split into two to reflect the northern and southern half of the Altar Insula. There will be 350 Pokemon in 2 regions approximately.
– For the first time, you can see the dark side of your Pokemon. They will become Shadow Pokemon.
– If your Pokemon cannot be familiar to you, surely they will be corrupted.


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