Pokemon Altair (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Japanese
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.2

Pokemon Altair is a hack made from Pokemon Emerald. Well, the author of this hack is Japanese so its language is Japanese in origin. Its last patch was in 2011, and an English patch was made on June 18, 2014 (just a fan-made one)

– At first, there is one impression for those who play this game: it is a VERY HARD Pokemon game. Right from the beginning, you can catch the Pokemon whose levels are lower than you from 5-10. After that, you have to train them and battle with wild trainers and Gym Leaders. Like I have mentioned above, you cannot hope to beat them easily. Good game!
– Gym leaders in Pokemon Altair are upgraded a lot compared to normal wild trainers.
– Let’s list some of the highlighted features below:
– The author has created and customized sprites for himself. The mapping is done with some new areas.
– New regions for exploring and searching.
– New attacks for your Pokemon.
– The soundtracks are well-composed. This is the premise of Pokemon Vega (also another product of this author, talk about it later).
– If you get bored with normal Pokemon, choose Fakemon instead. This author has created some Fakemon, check it out and it could be very interesting.


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