Pokemon Ancient (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: nachoius
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Alpha 3

Pokemon Ancient is another Pokemon FireRed remake. It is playable and ready for you to explore new things. Check it out.


In this game, you will become a trainer who is on the way to Kanto Region. Before coming to this place, you have gotten everything for your journey: from many Poke Balls to the Revives and Antidotes, etc. Moreover, you are ready to challenge anyone in Kanto Region to become the Pokemon Champion as you’ve always wanted. Tah dah, everything seems to be perfect until something happens. Suddenly you wake up in a strange place and it is not the Kanto Region. After searching and asking for a while, you know that this is the distant Cronia Region – a place where its location is not available on any map. There is a new evil gang called Radical Dreamers and they have teleported you here through a portal. What, a portal? Yeah, this is so strange. You have to find the way back to Kanto Region or you will be stuck here forever.

New graphics.
New music.
New overworld with sprites.



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