Pokemon Cyan (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: chrunch
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3

Pokemon Cyan is a FireRed hack of chrunch in PokeCommunity. Your main storyline will happen based on what you have decided. Many Pokemon are mixed with Fakemon at the same time in a brand new updated region.

Well, shall we come to the story of our protagonist?
As we may be known, Team Rocket is always the best and the unreplaceable evil team in the whole Pokemon series. From the first generation, they were beaten by Red in their Silph Company. After disappearing for 3 years, they attacked and took the radio tower of Johto region. Again, Team Rocket was beaten by Gold. The remaining members are also gone. Those peaceful days didn’t last for long. Giovanni – the boss of Team Rocket – is going to revive his team again. This time, they launch an attack on Celia region. Many Pokemon are disappearing. Things are happening badly…
You are a young trainer. By your 12th birthday, you are officially allowed to go out and explore the strange, mysterious Pokemon world. On the ways to catch Pokemon – a battle to earn experiences – earn badges, you encounter Team Rocket. They are trying to catch Regice – one of the Regigigas Trinity. Well, from now on… you have to decide everything for yourself. Help Team Rocket to become the world’s overlord or prevent that ambition… it is up to you.

– The whole new Celia archipelago is ready for exploring.
– The Dive and Whirlpool HMs have come back to your bag.
– Many new Fakemon besides Pokemon.
– This game contains Gen IV and Gen V Pokemon.
– You can plant and use Berry Trees.
– More side-quests for time-consuming.
– New music to enjoy.
– New moves and abilities of Pokemon, Fakemon.
– Physical/Special split.
– The graphics system is replaced and updated.
– The ASM is customized.


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