Pokemon Dark Energy (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: miksy91
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Silver
Language: English
Version: Beta 4.1

Pokemon Dark Energy is a classical Pokemon Game that uses GBC graphics. There are not many creators who will decide to choose Pokemon Silver Codebase to build their hacks but miksy91 did not think so.

In the first Beta Release, it was called as Pokemon Dark Future but the present name is the official name of this hack. The development process of it is continued until now. Although the GBC graphics are not totally perfect, the game storyline is awesome. If you do not notice the interface, Pokemon Dark Energy is a good hack and you should try it

The game begins with a short cutscene. Those scenes are about Maxime and Mr Burton – the strange characters. Then you can see how Team Darkness was born. You should watch it to know clearly the game storyline. Now come back to your character. You are 19 years old and studying at a university in The Capital. You come from the Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city in the world, Sudan. You receive a phone from your professor at the university because he has a new discovery in Rocky Mountain that is related to your research. He found the old writing about Elemental Orbs. What is it? Continue your game and you can find out more information.

– A Whole New World to Explore
– New Scripts
– Unique Synopsis
– Fun Mini Games such as “Magical Book” and “Magikarp man”
– New Characters, Bosses and Rivals
– Team Darkness


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