Pokemon Eclipse (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Christos
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1 v0.11

Pokemon Eclipse is a hack of FireRed. This is one of the good hacks are available at this time. Check it out.

Your hometown is in Lapis Village and your family owns a Mareep farm. A long time ago, Professor Oak – one of the most powerful and talented Pokemon experts in this world – has visited your village and gave a valuable Pokemon to some people – including your childhood friend Anya. In your childhood, you had a big dream: to become a Pokemon Trainer at the master level. After convincing your parents many times, you are allowed to leave your home. Your aim is to follow your father’s footsteps and join the Ace Trainers, a division of the Devon Corporation of the Soala region. But to do so you must become a skilled Trainer, so you decided to take on the Pokémon League.
Well, things have happened in Soala region badly. Wild Pokemon keep attacking people without reasons. A gang of thieves is wreaking havoc in towns and cities. People always complaining that they have been seeing mirages or trapped in illusions. Whose purpose behind all this? Only you can be the one to resolve these mysteries.

– The newly Soala region is ready to be explored.
– A new realm full of mysteries: The Dream World. What could it be?
– All 721 Pokemon will appear in this game with most of their forms.
– There will be an Egg Shop and gifts for Pokemon.
– The battle mechanics will be updated to Gen VI with Physical/Special Split, New Moves and Abilities, the newly added Fairy – Type and a type chart.
– There are 50 available TMs and they can be infinitely used.
– Many side-stories and side-quests for you to accept after finishing the main story.



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