Pokemon Elegant Emerald (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: PurpleOrange
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.3

Pokemon Elegant Emerald: Nearly after two years of learning how to hack and edit, PurpleOrange has released a hack named Pokemon Elegant Emerald.

Quite a long time, huh? Let see what can he does after creating this Emerald hack.
This hack is telling us the story of a young trainer who has just come back to his hometown after 2 years of training abroad. Before going abroad, he made a promise that when he came back he would be a Pokemon trainer. What now? That promise is fulfilled. With the Pokemon knowledge and talents with skills, he officially starts his journey to become the Pokemon master. He is none other than you, the very players!

– A Pokemon hack will be nothing if it lacks the features.
– You can catch, collect all 386 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.
– No more limit for running inside houses. Feel free to do so.
– Eggs can be used for hatching at level 1.
– If you had met some Pokemon only available by trade evolution before, now you can get them without trading.

– With Sun and Moon Stone, Eevee can now evolve to Espeon and Umbreon.
– Two new ways for evolving in Gen III are added.
– TMs are reusable. They are only obtainable once per game.
– Some more multichoice boxes have been added.
– All items from Gen I to Gen III (except some certain Key Items).
– All kind of Berry from Gen I to Gen III.


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