Pokemon Evil Drill 1 Star Stone (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: xiang
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: Chinese
Version: Completed

Pokemon Evil Drill 1 Star Stone is a hacked version of Pokemon Emerald. Well, since this is a Chinese hack… nearly all of us will not know what are the sentences that characters speak.

But it doesn’t matter as long as we play this hack like usual, right?
The story seems interesting enough to satisfy us. Long long ago, there was a set of Orbs. These Orbs were the crystallization of spirit and energy all over the world. The creators of these Orbs used them for creating a peaceful world. Unfortunately, their opponents also wanted to have those power. An unavoidable battle happened. Finally, those Orbs were scattered everywhere. Time flies by. It’s the modern era now. You are a trainer who just moved to a whole new region to take on a Pokemon request. By the time you came here, people tell you the legend of the Orbs. You think that is just a normal fairy tale, you do not take it seriously. After finishing your request, you are going to enjoy a chain of holidays… suddenly this region was attacked by a bunch of bad guys. You have no choice, you stand up and help the people here. In this fight, you will know that the legend of the Orbs is real!

Not only the normal Pokemon but also many new Fakemons. They will make your game, your battling strategy become more complex.
New tiles and sprites for the game.
All the Legendary Pokemon of Diamond/Pearl. Also new ones.
Mega Evolution will make your Pokemon stronger.
New Gym Leaders and Elite Four.


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