Pokemon Fire Red: Generations (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Blue
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.5

Pokemon Fire Red: Generations: Here comes another FireRed hack: Pokemon FireRed Generations!
This is a modern version in comparison with the original FireRed.

It has these changes:
At first, we’ll have a much more difficult game with the level of wild Pokemon is adjusted.
You can capture all 386 Pokemon now in Kanto region.
There will be some new companies of yours on the way to become a Pokemon master: May from Hoenn region and Jessie & James of Team Rocket. Through your whole journey, surely you will face and battle with these ones so often.
Those items which were unobtainable before are now available as gifts: Lucky Egg, Silver Powder, Thick Club, blah blah blah…
The basic stats of Pokemon are increased.
Some more areas for exploring. You can meet and get some Legendaries there.
A chain of events will take a lot of your playing time.
Many new ways to evolve your Pokemon.
After becoming a Pokemon Champion, you can access your own Gym Rematch Room in Vermillion City.
The Gym Leaders are replaced with many different characters from different regions.
Some changes about Type & Gender.
At least 200 Pokemon will have a more suitable moveset for their own.
Your starter will be a mixture of different generations.


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