Pokemon Ultra FireSun (Completed)


Pokemon FireSun 1400 (LATEST)

Author: CristAngel
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Completed (Updated: May 12, 2018)

Same as Fire Red, just a little twist in the Story.


– The initials are of Kanto, but the initials of Alola are all capturable (all evolutions available).
– Pokémon from 1st to 7th.
– BW repellent system.
– Exp gains when capturing a Pokémon.
– Day/Night System.
– Fairy Type Pokemon.
– Mega Evolution.
– Ultra Space.
– Fakemon.
– PSS split.
– Moves, Items & Abilities from Gen IV, V, and maybe VI.
– IVs/EVs Train.
– Increased Difficulty
– Completely Randomized.
– Doule Wild Pokemon.
And More…


Pokemon FireSun 1400 (LATEST)


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