Pokemon Freedom Ep 1 (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Team T.L
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Italian
Version: Final

Pokemon Freedom Ep 1 is a hack of Pokemon Ruby. In this game, you will be a man who cannot remember anything about himself. He wakes up in an unfamiliar place. He tries to get the clues about himself by coming to the Hoenn region.

At this time, the Hoenn region is under the control of the Police and every minimally suspicious movement is considered to be contrary to law.
Something is not right here. There is a force called The Inspectors (a special task force set up to kill high-level criminals). They chase the criminals to the very end of this Earth. Well, this is not good. You will meet many different people who have the same situation as yours.
Can your presence change anything? Or will you be killed by those policies?

Many extra things compared to its origin.
A new design of the old graphics.
The maps are totally new.


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