Pokemon Heiwa (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Lost
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.0

Pokemon Heiwa is a Pokemon hack from Pokemon Fire Red. With many ideas come from Heiwa region of the World Of PokeCommunity, Lost (the author) has created a very own hack for himself. A new version of Heiwa region is now available.

We will start the story right now. As you may be known, the Heiwa Region is a peaceful archipelago like Hawaii. Everyone wants to swim, relax and spend their free time here with many beautiful beaches. Not too long ago, Heiwa Region was discovered by a group of explorers and much much later became a place of Pokemon culture with many talented trainers. You, the protagonist… just moved to the Solitario Town of Heiwa Region. Your mother is the manager of the Heiwa Herald – a regional newspaper. She gives you a mission: explorer Heiwa as much as you can to become a real trainer. Meanwhile, the sea is having something unusual… Find out what is that and become a champion!


The battle mechanics are updated with new moves, abilities, Physical/Special split, etc…
A big number of Pokemon from all six Generations: 384 beings in total. Not all Pokemon are from the same generation, but the authors have selected from six generations.
The “Dive” HM has returned. Well, on a tropical island… we have to swim and dive into the undersea world.
New soundtracks for playing.
There will be a lot of tropical fun in the Sun.
A newly customized Battle Maison.



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