Pokemon Kanto Black (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Mystery Man
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 2.08

Pokemon Kanto Black is a Pokemon FireRed hack. Do know you why the word “Black” appears on the title of this game? Is it related to Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2?

Hell yes, exactly right. This hack is not the original FireRed we know anymore. No Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV. It is not the Kanto we had known anymore, it is the Kanto region which contains Unova Pokemon (Gen V – Gen VI). Well, sounds good, eh?
Actually, its author – Mystery Man – likes Unova Pokemon so much. He wants to redesign and recreate a Kanto region for himself. Tadah, we have it here.


A newly redesigned Kanto region with full of Unova Pokemon. Gen V Pokemon can be found in all Kanto and Gen VI Pokemon are in the Sevii Islands.
You can meet many different tutors moves on your way to becoming a Pokemon master. Not only you can use TMs but also many moves now.
The difficulty rating system. The settings you have picked, the difficulty you can get. Some of the current settings you can modify are the EVs of bosses and their strategy levels. In the future, this can be improved for sure.
Physical/Special Split, new moves of Gen V – Gen VI, new abilities, new items and much more.
The Sevii Islands can be visited after defeating Lt. Surge.
You can go to the Two Island to play mini-games there and quickly level up your party with EV train.
Some bosses are specialized in different types.


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