Pokemon Lunar (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: leafeon9697
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha

Pokemon Lunar, another Pokemon FireRed hack, is ready for you to play. This is a product of a newbie in the Pokemon hacking community. After learning to hack a Pokemon game for more than a year, he decides to create his very first hack with all of his current skill.

Well, there is a lot to learn. Keep going, man.
All right, this is the main story. You are a young Pokemon Trainer from Kanto Region. You have a best friend named Ben and he comes from Hoenn Region. Two of you have a meeting with Professor Alan in Tagral Region to talk about searching something related to Pokemon. And while you two are on the way, you will have many different nightmares. These nightmares are horrible and you do not like them at all. Then, you dive yourself into finding the main reason for this problem.


A new Storyline to read, a new Region to explore and many new Characters to meet and interact.
All the text are now recapitalised.
The Physical/Special Split from Gen IV.
The Repel System from Gen V.
The Moves – Abilities – Items – Pokemon are updated to Gen VI.
Yup, Mega Evolution is here.
There are many hidden grottos.
New type Fairy.



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