Pokemon Moon Black 2 (New Version)

Author: JrFort
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Black 2 Version
Language: English
Version: 1.2b

After Becoming the League Champion and Defeating the Final Hurrah Island Challenge Boss Prof. Kukui
Sun/Moon Got Permission To Travel To Unova Region To Challenge The Elite Four and test what His/her Learned from their Experience and see the Difference and How Strong the Trainers of Alola and Unova,

Whats New Here In This Hack? Basically, You Will Play Sun Or Moon, Character Sprites, Trainers, Difficulty and many more, Male Protag. Sprites 90% done Even X-transceiver. Not including some NPC sprites like Riding in the Platform on Driftviel and Riding in Ferris wheel on Nimbasa City. Female Protag. Spirtes 20% Still In Progress, Throwing Pokeballs Is Not a Problem, I Finished it First Before Other, Kinda Look Awkward But Soon Ill Update him, Just for The Male ( Female is In Progress )

WHAT ABOUT POKEMON? Of course! 🙂 They Added Some Mega Evolutions .. BUT They replaced them with their Final Evolution,
And there are some Alola Forms too .. ( But Vulpix only Has Screen Shots ) Its totally Hard to keep their animation but, these are Moving Sprites <3
Some Sprites Looks Awkward cause of Maintaining the Animation On It. Like This Lucario’s Short Hair ..

Update v1.2b:
-Gen 6-7 Pokemon
(More Pokemon in future updates)
-Alola Starters
-Alola Forms
-Unova Forms Pokemon *New
-New Rival
-New Gym Leaders
-Team Skull
-New Protagonist (c) Zedner

The Game is Up to the 3rd Gym for now…

Q: Who is your Rival Here?
A: Gladion.
Q: Still Team Plasma Ruining the Unova Region?
A: No, Team Plasma now Replaced by Team Skull
Q: Are there Alola Forms in this Hack?
A: Yes
Q: Are there Ultra Beasts in this Hack?
A: Yes


Pokemon Moon Black 2


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