Pokemon Nukleon (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: MKSSB
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Alpha 2

Pokemon Nukleon: While I am surfing the Internet to look for another interesting Pokemon game, I have found this: Pokemon Nukleon. It is a hack of Pokemon FireRed, yeah. Let’s check if it is fun enough to entertain us or not.

Once lived an ancient high culture in the heart of Caligo. They worshipped the gods Anirapto. An incredibly strong primal Pokémon that was a ruler of lightning and thunder. For fear and fear of death, people threw themselves unconditionally into the dark ruler. But this did not last long. They rebelled against their own God to use its power. But the forces of the primitive Pokémon were underestimated. Anirapto managed to escape from the ancient temple complex. From revenge to the people for their actions, Anirapto moved across the region and destroyed everything that stood in his way. The most powerful of the survivors finally managed to restrain the beast and banished them into an eternal sleep. But a prophecy was made. At some point, Anirapto should awaken from his sleep and bring darkness and horror over the region again. But the prophecy also states that, with the awakening of Anirapto, a hero will begin his journey. Only this alone will be able to conquer the beast and bring peace to the region. But will the prophecy be fulfilled? Will the hero manage to save Caligo from complete destruction? Will he manage to curb Anirapto?


Three different versions of the game (Liquid Nucleon / Blooming Nucleon / Burning Nucleon)
A completely new region
New story + long after story
New bad team
New characters
New tiles
There are new places to discover
Many new Pokemon
New starters
A new legendary Pokemon
Pokemon from other regions
Scrambled scripts
Min examples and events
Much more…


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