Pokemon Penumbra (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: PacoScarso
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Italian
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Penumbra is a Pokemon Ruby hack which will tell you another story about the current science. Maybe some of you have already known that human is the inventors of a whole science system currently.

If they are not what you have known for so long, what do you think? What if something else is the true master, instead? If everything else came from a lost civilization and its information cannot be found even in many history books, what do you do? There is something that stays in the shadow. It wants to punish mankind or something like that…. Ehhh, I sense a little bit of uncommon here.You are a normal student among the students who are studying at the Pokemon Academy Of Should Region. One day, you got the information that you have to go to Dora Region and research about something… maybe it is related to “that thing.”Figure it out.


A new Region Dorua.
New Regional Pokedex with many Pokemon from the later generations.
The soundtracks are now implemented.
Those existing Pokemon will have new evolutions.
Many new Fakemon.



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