Pokemon Rose (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Bela
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Halloween Demo

Pokemon Rose is an interesting FireRed hack. Not in the gameplay, it was specialized in the storyline. Well, let’s read it right away.

A year has been passed by since the day Red became the Pokemon Champion of the Kanto region and defeated Team Rocket; the same thing happened in the Hoenn region, where Ruby Norman became its Pokemon Champion and destroyed the plans of Team Magma with Team Aqua also. One day, all of these three gather together at the Centiq region – a place where is rich in history. By understanding its histories, that one could hold its future in their hands. Why have they shown up here? Moreover, a new evil organization called Thrasher has just risen up. Could this relate to The Emerald Tablet, a mythical artefact believed to be hidden inside the Centiq region? Let’s answer these questions!


A well-written storyline of the author. He wrote this himself. Remains the same as those classical Pokemon games, you will: beat 8 Gyms and the Elite Four, many plot twists are around.
All Legendaries from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn will show up. Catch them right now.
You can freely choose one starter from the first three generations. It’s up to you.
Team Rocket – Magma – Aqua will be your opponents at the same time. Can you fight them solo?
New items are available.
The TM list is modified.
The movesets are changed. Many Pokemon can learn moves they normally were not able to.
New in-game trades.


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