Pokemon Ruby 2 (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Pinta77
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Ruby 2 is a hack of Pokemon Ruby. Actually, the author has changed the name to Pokemon Pink.
You start the game on the first mission. Recently it has been raining, because there is a possibility that the island is overwhelmed, you have to investigate Uncharted Island (an unofficial island has been uncovered).

Out of a small cave, and your Pokedex in your pocket, you will find that you are leaving in a bit of trust in your Pokemon Pokemon from Hoenn. Marshtomp, Combusken, Sceptile, Pikachu are no problem, your Pokedex seems to have lost all previous data. Returning to the Lunah area, it left unsolved rains of the problem of Uncharted Island. Because, because why cannot know even a little whether it is rain. Because you go back to the Luna area, to challenge the number eight exercise leaders, to challenge the 4th grade, you can complete the Ranger mission. However, it is not as easy as it seems. What is known even to complete the gym is that, the second gym leader will be challenged when you know that you are packing 100 Pokemon! There must be another way … of course, you run into some problems along the way, but it is not the same thing. Team Snagem was revived in collaboration with Team Rocket. They can for the sake of what? And when you do not think it’s even worse, one of your friends has worked in conjunction with the snug team. Those who?


New tiles, events.
New music, battles, moves, abilities.


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