Pokemon Ruby Renev (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: AtecainCorp
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Completed Version 1

Pokemon Ruby Renev is a great Pokemon Ruby hack which contains many advanced improvements and changes compared to its origin. The story is not too long and easy to understand.

At first, you are living in the Johto region. One day, you and your family move to the Hoenn region. Of course, with the spirit of a young Pokemon trainer… you want to go out and explore this new horizon. You want to beat all the eight gym leaders and finally, the Pokemon League of this region. At this time, Team Magma – a new evil organization – wants to wake up the legendary Pokemon named Groudon. You have to beat them before becoming the champion. At last, you have done it successfully.
When becoming the Hoenn champion, you go back to your beloved Johto region. Once more, you battle with all the gym leaders and get their badges. You also heard about a new Team Rocket. You destroy them and meet Gold.


Two regions at the same time: Hoenn, Johto.
75 new Pokemon.
36 Mega Evolution.
6 Primal Forms.
Physical/Special Split.
New types: Fairy and Crystal.
There are 20 extra moves.
The Gogoat Riding System will make you abandon your Bike.
There is no contest.
New items.
You have to battle more to level up your Pokemon.
Some Legendary Pokemon are hidden. You have to search for them.
You will hear the music of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in Hoenn and Heart Gold/Soul Silver in Johto.
Day/Night System.



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