Pokemon Smeraldo Perfetto (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Bisharp
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: Italian
Version: Final 3.3

Pokemon Smeraldo Perfetto: Another after another, Pokemon Smeraldo Perfetto is a Pokemon Emerald hack of a Spanish author. He implemented many changes, many improvements compare to the original game so that we don’t feel it is a copy version anymore.

You still remember the storyline of Pokemon Emerald, don’t you? Well, this hack is a hack which gives you the same feeling of Hoenn Region, but not the old of itself anymore. Check out these features.


You can freely run in many buildings and houses with your Running Shoes.
All areas in this game contain many new Pokemon.
The Gym leaders now have new Pokemon in their parties.
The game is not so easy like its origin anymore.
More than 20 new scripts that will address the powerful Legendaries in various places.
You cannot get the National Pokedex soon.
The Day/Night System is added.
All Pokemon can evolve by levelling up and using evolution stone. No need to trade anymore.
The weather in some routes is changed.
Some PokeMarts will sell new items.
New starters for selecting.
The tiles were changed.
All maps have some little changes.


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