Pokemon Steel (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Geeked
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Pre-Beta

Pokemon Steel is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. Well well well, this time all of the Pokemon trainers like us will be taken to the whole new Rational Region.

You will take the role of our main characters – two young trainers named Richie and Dawn (actually you can only choose one). Each of these two has their own trusted companion: Pikachu or Piplup. One day, you suddenly want to explore and challenge themselves at a new place – a place where you never went to. And so, the Pokemon Professor in your hometown shows you the Rational Region. He also says that this new region is completely filled with many special and newer Pokemon species. Yay, just hear about that can make you feel so excited. A new place, a new horizon is waiting for you ahead. Right, it is the time to go. But at first, let’s prepare enough items and knowledge for this journey. After setting up everything, you immediately go out. Surely on your way, there will be so many challenges from several opponents and they are not easy at all… if too easy, how can it become a true Pokemon journey? The gym leaders are very strong, and the Pokemon Champion title of the Pokemon League seems so far away from your hands. But nothing can stop a burning spirit of yours, right? Okay, then go straight ahead to show them what you are made of!


New rivals, new Pokemon, new areas to explore.
The soundtracks are completely new and customized.
A whole new Rational Region will take a lot of your time.
There are also Fakemon along the original Pokemon.
You can go to the different parts of this Rational Region since it is so big.



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