Pokemon Stunning Steel (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Vcaveman
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta v1.3.1

Pokemon Stunning Steel: After a long time for creating a Pokemon FireRed hack, Vcaveman and his friend seatrekninja have published their first beta version. They aim to give players a game which can develop characters in a unique way like Pokemon X and Y.

Players can make choices and impact their relationships with characters in-game. Moreover, many default functions of Pokemon FireRed have been replaced by the way these two authors want. There will be three different endings after countless plot twists. Let’s come to the storyline first.
Ten years have been passed by since the Great Pokemon War. Now is 2008. Your father becomes the national hero. You don’t know much about him except the stories you have heard from your mom. And when learning at the Pokemon Academy, you have always wanted to make a name for yourself. Time flies by. You are 17 now, you decide to take on your own journey. You realized that your path is not easy at all, because of many different elements. What kind of Pokemon and people will you face? Will you strong enough to achieve your dreams?


Impact the gameplay with your different decisions.
More than 151 Pokemon with almost every Pokemon from Gen II to Gen III.
The difficulty is moderated.
Some battles require you to lose, most of them require you to win at all costs.
There are 30 hidden abilities.
The movesets are updated.
You can run indoors.
The TMs are reusable.
The Poison effect was disabled.
You can reuse Pokeballs, but they will be more expensive.
When capturing a Pokemon, you will get EXP.
The Repel System from Pokemon Black 2/White 2.
Many minor changes about gameplay, such as a Pokemon can hold Lava Cookie.
Physical/Special Split from Gen IV.


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