Pokemon Sun Ruby (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Lukagba
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta 0.23

Pokemon Sun Ruby: Besides Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon Ruby is also the favourite dish which every Pokemon fans must enjoy and taste one time. It is also the base of many famous ROM hacks. This time, when Pokemon Sun and Moon are released… a Ruby hack called Sun Ruby is available to play. Check it out.

Basically, Sun Ruby has the same story and plot with the original Ruby. You are the newly transferred Pokemon Trainer in the Littleroot Town of Hoenn Region. After setting up your room, you go outside and meet Professor Birch – your neighbour. He is in the middle of an attack from a wild Pokemon. After defeating that wild Pokemon by a Pokemon which is given from Professor Birch, you and he come back to his lab. Here you will get your very first Pokemon and your rival – the daughter of Professor Birch. Through many battles – characters – events… you two will help each other on the way to become a real Pokemon Master. Not only defeating the Elite Four and Hoenn Pokemon League but also you two must stop the mad ambition of Team Magma – an evil organization which is trying to wake up the ancient god of the land, Groudon. Well, that’s all of our basic stories.


Just like its title, Sun Ruby contains all the Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII.
The starters will be Litten, Rowlett, Popplio.
The newly added 14 Alola forms will make your game more interesting.
You can trade Groudon for Solgaleo – the main mascot of Pokemon Sun.
In Mauville City, the PokeMart is selling evolution stones. If you had enough money, don’t hesitate to buy them instead of spending the time to find them.
Eevee can evolve to Umbreon and Espeon now.
Ash-Greninja is also available.
Some Pokemon can be evolved for their happiness.


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