Pokemon Sunshine (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: sun
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Sapphire
Language: English
Version: Beta v0.2.1

Pokemon Sunshine is a hack of Pokemon Sapphire.
Summer is finally here for all students!!! You will have a very long holiday with days of enjoying the sun, swimming in the ocean, relax your body under the shadow of the trees… You do not have to do anything, just enjoy the summer in your own ways. And now, you will be sent to the Hoenn Region to have your summer vacation here with your family. You are so excited because you have never been here before. And while staying here, you discover some secrets about a new evil gang who is going to do something very bad. You don’t want they ruin your vacation, so you follow them and… Shhhh, figure it yourself.


New maps.
New tilesets.
New overworlds.
New characters and Pokemon.


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