Pokemon V (GBA Rom Hack) (English)

Author: Jordi Thc
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

This Rom Hack is Translated into English by MrTienDuc.

You are a young man from the region of Rasha (new region) your father is the mayor of a small and quiet town called Iris, everything is going well until one day the evil organization appears in your town in search of something that you think you have father in your power, something bad happens that day that changes your life completely and in search of revenge you undertake your trip to strengthen yourself and be able to complete your revenge successfully.

Pokemon from Gen1-7 (Gen 8 Pokemon might be added, after the official release of Gen 8)
Mega Evolution
Double wild pokemon in tall grass.
Day/Night System
IVs and Natures.



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