Battle Camp (For Android)

Raise your own monster and fight in a virtual world

Fight the fiercest monsters, explore new worlds, catch an endless number of new creatures, and take them to the height of war on Battle Camp.

You’ll start the game with a little friend you have to take care of so he evolves and becomes stronger, with the sole aim of capturing more monsters and improving your travel team.

While you explore the world you live in, you can propose battles to the many players you encounter on the way. This will give you experience points so you can level up.

With your team of five, these battles will test your speed and intelligence: you’ll have to combine your gems to launch the most powerful attacks possible. The better the combination, the more powerful the attack.

Once you defeat the wild creatures that attack you, you can keep their eggs to raise and train their offspring if you think they’d be helpful to you in battles.

When your team of creatures is powerful enough, you’ll be prepared to enter the trench warfare, where you can fight solo or in the company of your Facebook friends or Battle Camp itself.

With more than 400 different monsters, fast-paced puzzles, and games in real time, this entertaining game will keep you hooked for hours with rounds that are as interesting as they are tricky.


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