Evo-Yellow (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: longlostsoldier
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Yellow
Language: English
Version: Beta 2.8

Evo-Yellow : Pikachu was known as the most easy recognized symbol of the whole Pokemon series. Right, with so many love of everyone for him… We all know the only Pikachu game: the Pokemon Yellow. And that was the past’s story. Now, with the Evo-Yellow hack… one more time we will raise ourselves into Pikachu’s new adventure.

Pokemon Yellow is the version of Game Boy games like Pokémon Red and Blue. Like its predecessors were, a third person, overhead view, and contains three main screens: an overworld, when the player touches the protagonist; on the view screen battle; and are available, where the player can set up your Pokemon, or Gameplay format. The player can use his Pokemon to fight other Pokemon. If a player encounters a wild Pokémon or is challenged coach, the screen will not be used to turn-based battle screen that shows active Pokemon. During the war, a player can choose to place his awesome Pokémon to fight using one of four walks, to use something, open your active Pokémon, or attempt to escape. Pokemon is damaged points (HP); HP is reduced to zero when Pokemon, so long and I can not fight until he recovered. Once an enemy Pokémon desires, but the player’s Pokémon involved in the battle for a number of experience points (Exp). After collecting enough Exp you like Pokemon. Pokemon-level control structures, such as the war goes on to examine the findings and educated. You have finally given his Pokemon trainer and driver’s license, and now on your way to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Master! Shockingly good-Tags Pikachu together after massive search of the sea world to train and develop. Bla stoise face off against torrential rains cannons. Power or face a storm outbreak Pidgeon. Developing a way to win a convincing eight Pokemon Gym Leaders become a Pokémon Master of all time!


Pikachu is the only starter.
Physical/Special Split.
New species of Pokemon.
Trainers’s level are added up.
Type changes: Steel, Dark and Fairy added.


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