Hetamon Awesome (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Ginokami6
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Completed Final v.3

Hetamon Awesome is a Pokemon FireRed hack. It comes from the ideas of a DevianArt user named Ginokami 6. This hack takes place in another dimension, not the normal world we usually see.

In this dimension, our normal Pokemon will be called Hetamon. Their appearance is not completely different in comparison with their origin, but it will give you an exciting feeling. For example, the yellow Pikachu is now replaced with a green F.M.Bunny and a couple of wings behind its back. Sounds so excited yet?
You will play as a young trainer who is living in your hometown peacefully. One day, there is a chaos in space and time. You will be rolled into another dimension. From here, you continue your big dream: become a Hetamon master with many different species. Can you get your way back to your era, to your beloved hometown?


All Pokemon in this game is replaced with a new name Hetamon and new designs.
The music remains the origin.
The graphics are not changed too much in general.


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