Moemon Revival Ruby (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: CaptainSpectacular
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: 2.0.0

Moemon Revival Ruby is a Pokemon Ruby hack for those ones who are falling in love with the Moemon. So, what exactly is Moemon? Literally, it is called Moekko Monsters – a ROM hack of the Hoenn Region (Gen III) Pokemon games on Gameboy Advance.

Since there were not any changes in gameplay or the storyline and manything else, this ROM is just a modification about the Pokemon. It is Pokemon that have been replaced with the cute girls.
To play this, make sure that you have enough preparations. First, set up your Emulator’s Save Type to Flash 128k. Second, you must have a clean ROM like FireRed 1.0 or Ruby 1.0. Next, you download the patch into your PC amd patch the ROM by using Lunar IPS or something similar. Then play.


New moemons.
New styles.


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