Nameless FireRed Project (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: azurile13
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.02

Nameless FireRed Project is another Pokemon Hack that uses Pokemon Fire Red ROM to modify. The author of it is azurile13 and it is very new hack released in 2016. azurile13 legitimately has not come up with a name for this hack so called it as “Nameless FireRed Project”.

But it is only a small point, the quality of the hack is important, we are sure that you will feel happy with it. Continue reading to know the special features.


Physical/Special Split.
Gen IV-VI Attacks, Abilities, and Items.
Mega Evolutions.
Removed those badge stat boosts.
Expanded Pokedex.
Proper forms for Pokemon.
ORAS level-up movesets, except for non-existent moves.
120 TMs.
Two Day-cares.
“Phone” notifications when the Day-Care Man finds an egg.
Use TMs an infinite number of times.
Gigantic pockets.
Oval Charm, Shiny Charm.
Added Pokemon generation methods save Kanto from feeling crowded – Hidden Grottos, pedometer-based Honey Trees, Swarms.
Field effects for abilities.
Updated non-berry oriented Pickup table.
A very cheap phone system.


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