PokeBots: Rescue Team (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Mr. Luxray + Aquiles Arcia
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Demo 0.1

PokeBots: Rescue Team is a game with Robots theme. Have you ever thought that you would enjoy a Pokemon game, but with the Robots replaced for the Pokemon themselves?

We will got some, no, many robots from different famous anime series like Gundam – Mazinger – etc.
Dr. Rocky is one of the best scientists in the world. While working in his laboratory with his researchers, he realizes that something is affecting the environment. The seas are changing their color, the glaciers are melting, and all the Pokemons became steel. With the experiences he got from the youth days, he immediately knows that there is someone using dark powers and controlling everything. There is also a legend in his living area: if someone could find the Ultimate Robot Gem and revive the Robot God inside it, that one can become the universe lord. After planning carefully, he prepare enough equipments for this battle.
You are the one who can search and stop the evil one who did this! Go ahead, choose one of the 3 PokeBots and start your adventure!


Changed the normal starters into the famous Robots like Gundam RX-78, Mazinger Z, etc.
Changed characters’s sprites.
Music replaced.
Just a demo version.


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