Pokemom Emerald 386 (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: tj4bigred
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Completed

Pokemon Emerald 386 is the product of a Brazillian hacker. Actually, this game is not just the same Emerald game as we have known. The author has added many improvements and changes to make this game more difficult – more challenging than before.

Once again, you will enjoy the adventure of our protagonists – one boy, one girl. The Hoenn Region is now wider, bigger because you have grown up. On the way to becoming the Pokemon Master like you have always wanted to be, you will have to battle with strong opponents – go through the forests and caves – climb up the mountains and swim on the seas. More than that, you will fight against some evil teams who are going to destroy this world with their ambitions.


You can catch all 386 Pokemon of the Hoenn Region.
The difficulty is much higher than the origin.
The evolution methods are changed also.


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