Pokemon Amatista (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Lori xD
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta

Pokemon Amatista is a Spanish hack of Pokemon Ruby. The storyline is described below, check it out.

Before you were born, your father was a great Pokemon Investigator and also a Researcher. He had many great achievements in this huge Pokemon world.

At that time, your mother didn’t marry him because they were flirting each other. After a long period of time, you were the result of their love. One day, he suddenly disappeared. You didn’t know why you cried a lot and you had been living with your mother from then on. Back to the present. You are grown up now, you are a young teenager. One day you get an email from one assistant of your father. He gets some information about your lost father and he thinks that your father is still alive. You tell your mother about this immediately and you also ask her to allow you to go out and search for your father. Of course, she agrees. She calls one of her friends to come and give you a Pokeball which contains a small Pokemon inside. And that man is a Pokemon Professor. He advises you some valuable knowledge about Pokemon before you go. When everything is ready, you go out with a hope to find your lost father and to show him how much you have grown.


New sprites about Pokemon – Trainers – Overworld.
New soundtracks.


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