Pokemon Avventura a Fento (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Richard_
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Italian
Version: Completed

Pokemon Avventura a Fento is a Italian hack of Pokemon Ruby.

Basically, the storyline of this game follows the basic and traditional plot of the whole Pokemon series on Game Boy Advance system. You are a citizen of Tranquilvalle city in the Fento Region. You admire many famous and well-known Pokemon trainers from all over the world. You also want to become the same as them someday. Well, there is a lot of things to do before becoming a trainer for real. And then, one day you get a surprising news: the Pokemon Expert name Stuart is going to give away some of his Pokemon to those ones who come soonest! Of course, none other than you is the one who gets his Pokemon. After receiving the dreaming Pokemon, you are about to train and pack up everything for a new trip. But life is not so easy, things are getting complicated. A new criminal organization called Star Team knows about this and they going to hire you as one of their young minions. In other words, they are hunting you. Well, what will you do? Bravely stand up and fight against those ones or become their minion? It is up to you. On the way of your adventure, you will meet many new friends – capture new Pokemon – execute the new given quests to get the necessary items – etc. You have to become the Pokemon Champion so that nobody can say anything about you.


New starters.
Run inside buildings.
New wild Pokemon.
The difficulty is higher.
New script.
A big and new region with many unexpected things is waiting.
Day/Night system.
New ways to evolve.
Many new maps for areas.
New titles.
New moves.
New overworlds.
New and customized sprites.
Pokemon from the Sinnoh Region and Unova Region.


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