Pokemon Azure Horizons (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Frostbite
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 2

Pokemon Azure Horizons is the first hack of Frostbite. He decided to use Pokemon Fire Red codebase and make his own Hack. His goal is to create a fresh Pokemon RPG game for Pokemon Lovers. Using Pokemon Fire Red engine will help him a lot because he can use many available features. Many features from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on NDS also are added.

You love Pokemon and want to take part in the Pokemon League. After several months, you receive the letter from Pokemon League. Now you have the big chance to chase your elder brother’s achievements in Pokemon Challenges. But first, you need a Pokemon and have an adventure in this region to collect all GYM Badges and train your Pokemon stronger. Along your way, you will meet a lot of good people, bad people and Pokemon Trainers. When you defeat all Evil Teams and own full Collection of Badges, you can challenge in Pokemon League with Elite Four for the Champion Title. Let’s begin your game!!!


New Game Plot
New Region Zephyr
A lot of Pokemon from 4 Generations
Diamond and Pearl Features
New Unova Music
More Trainer Battle Themes
Running in Buildings



Download Instructions

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