Pokemon Balanced Edition (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Gegalix
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo

Pokemon Balanced Edition is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. The author of this game want to have all 386 Pokemon with balanced stats, adjustments, etc…. so he creates this game.

You are an assistant of Professor Oak, the best Pokemon Expert of Kanto Region. You see the world is unbalanced because of many things, especially about Pokemon. So you decided to secretly develop a special device that restore back the peace and balance of Pokemon. One day, you use it to have some experiments…


All the texts are decapitalized.
Physical/Special/Split will appear with icons.
131 new moves will be available.
Pokemon have new abilities.
New items in shops.
Run inside buildings.
Critical Hits updated to Gen VI.
Re-use TMs and forget the HMs.
Much more.


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