Pokemon Battle Fire (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Concorde
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta Final

Pokemon Battle Fire is a hack of Pokemon Ruby. Not too many hacks are made from Ruby version, so this is a valuable and good hack. The author has an interesting name: Concorde (a plane from France).

Well, let see what can he bring to us through this game.
As you all have known, Lugia is The God Of Sea. Yes, the rules all the seas in this world. One day, an evil team named Vyris to get his DNA and make a clone – the Virus Lugia. They fought a fierce battle. People were so scary at that time. After that, Virus Lugia was sealed and Lugia disappeared also… Today, Team Vyris is going to wake Virus Lugia up again to terrorize the Ernah region. Your mission is to prevent Team Vyris from this crazy ambition.


The graphics system is changed a lot with many new improvements.
There are 202 Pokemon in total. It is based on Ruby so that mean Pokemon are from Gen I to Gen III.
Some new heroes, gym leaders, Elite Four and Team Vyris as mentioned above.
New areas to explore and search. Spend your time here without concerning about anything, just go and catch Pokemon – battle – get exp and money.
There is also a Fakedex for understanding about Fakemon.


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