Pokemon BlackGranite X (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Zortac
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Final

Pokemon BlackGranite X is a Pokemon hack ROM based on Pokemon Emerald of a 13 years old boy. He has tried his bests to make a ROM hack although his product still has errors, that is okay. We should give him an applause.

And now, let see what can he bring to us. In this game, you will become a 13 years old boy who is living with your family in the Corna Region. Have been living here for 13 years, sometimes you think about going out for reaching new places. When mentioning about that, your parents immediately deny it because they think that you are still too young for a journey like that. You feel a little bit of sad and wait for another chance to show them what you want. After researching about the Hoejo Region carefully, you contact the Pokemon Professor who is living there for calling your parents and let they know what you want and what you expect to do. Fortunately, everything is happening according to your plans. When packing enough everything, you say goodbye and go to the new Hoejo Region to meet that Pokemon Professor. He is truly a Pokemon Expert who has a modern and big Pokemon Laboratory, also with his great knowledge about the Pokemon World around him. You ask for a Pokedex, he gives you one. You ask for a starter, he gives you a starter which comes from Johto Region. No, it is not over there. You have to fight against his nephew (or niece) in a battle to prove that whether you are worthy of this starter and Pokedex or not. Finally, he agrees to let you have both of them. From now on, you will go to a new Pokemon adventure which is waiting ahead with many unexpected things.


A whole new region.
New Trainers.
New soundtracks inserted from Gold/Silver.


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