Pokemon Blacx (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: BlacX Team
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: Korean
Version: Beta 0.95

Pokemon Blacx : I am sure that many ones of us do not like the modern Pokemon ROM hacks, right? Instead, we want to play our classical favorite Pokemon games, but with many changes.

With Pokemon BlacX, this is a satisfaction for all of us. It is a hack of Pokemon Gold (Korean Version).
There is a Time-Space Vortex which rolls up everything inside and take them to an unknown place. And right at the place which all the events of Pokemon Gold happened, that vortex appears. Many strange, unknown types of Pokemon come at a time. Of course, a new criminal organization want to catch them all and use them for their own purposes. After wandering around the world, you come back. By seeing and knowing what those bad guys do, you collect and prepare items to fight against them. On the way, you will meet many new partners (or should we say catching Pokemon, eh?). You will learn more about that vortex, about the newer Pokemon generation in the future.

A new story.
251 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI with Mega Evolution.
New in-game events.
The graphics is upgraded.
The level limit is increased to 170.


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