Pokemon Blue Kaizo

  • Author: SinisterHoodedFigure
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Original Version: Pokemon Blue
  • Language: English
  • Version: Completed 4.5

Pokemon Blue Kaizo is a Gameboy Color hack that is an upgrade to Pokemon Blue. Yes, Pokemon Blue Kaizo does not alter the original storey in any way. Instead, it is a more difficult game with more difficult opponents and wild Pokemon.

The author of this hack was inspired by the FireRed Omega hack, so he created his own hack in the same style.
There’s no need to wait any longer; take a look at its features!


You can catch all 151 Pokemon throughout this game now. At the early stages, there is a great variety of Pokemon for you.
The movepools of all 151 Pokemon are not the same as its original. They have been altered.
The Kanto region get a new appearance with many changed areas.
From the left side of Viridian City, you can catch wild starters and have a full team of these Pokemon. Isn’t it interesting?
Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta get Flamethrower at level 16.
You can catch some Water-type Pokemon in Viridian Forest like Krabby – Poliwag – Psyduck, etc…
The encounter rate of Pokemon is very high, don’t worry too much if you cannot get your Pokemon soon.
The price of items are now lower much more than the original game. You can buy them without worrying about your money.
The HM 05 – Flash is also in this game. You can use it in any cave.
The Gym Leaders are much tougher than before. Be more careful when fighting against them.


Credits: SinisterHoodedFigure, Miksy91, IIMarkus, Danny-E 33, Swampert22, Stag019, Comet, Crystal