Pokemon Bronze (GBC Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Freako
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Completed 1.21

Pokemon Bronze will take you back to the first days of Pokemon games on Gameboy Color. It is a classic Pokemon adventure in these modern days! Unlike the others, Pokemon Bronze is for everyone – even if they are new to the Pokemon series.

Why? Because it aims to be a regular Pokemon game in Generation II. What is its meaning? To bring back those nostalgic days on Gameboy Color, bring back those days when we just knew about the Pokemon series for a short time…
This is the time you come to Kohto, a region to the south-west of Kanto and they are connected via an underground path. There are 10 towns, 8 official Gyms and 1 bonus gym. Of course their level is higher than their origins in Gold/Silver. After getting your Pokemon and Pokedex, you will start your journey. There is a new evil team who will give you some troubles.

Explore a new classic adventure.
A new region with many places.
The difficulty is upgraded higher.


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