Pokemon BubbleBlue (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Winoa
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon BubbleBlue is a great Pokemon FireRed hack. This time we will have Blastoise as the partner of our protagonist (right, you can see that with the word Bubble and Blue). All right, it is the time to check this game!

Basically, the plots and storyline are the same as its origin FireRed. By starting as the legendary boy Red, you will dive yourself into an unexpected Pokemon adventure. At first, you have to meet the famous Pokemon Expert named Professor Oak. He will be the one who guides you so many times in your own adventure. Besides, you want to have a Pokemon, right? If you do not meet him in person, you will never get a good Pokemon. And in this game, maybe you will get a Squirtle at first and later it will evolve into Wartoile or Blastoise. When finish choosing your Pokemon, you will have a battle with Professor Oak’s grandson, Blue. He is an arrogant person who will never want to lose in a battle. If possible, you can win him in his first battle and teach him a lesson. After that, you can officially start your Pokemon adventure like you have always wanted. On your way, there will be so many things to do: capturing the new Pokemon in many different areas – meeting and challenging new trainers to get the money and buy items – performing the quests or tasks from people to unlock the doors or receive necessary items – more importantly: defeating the Gym Leaders to get all the badges and go straight to the Pokemon League in your region and challenge for the Pokemon Champion title! Moreover, there is an evil organization called Team Rocket and they have some strange ambitions (nothing of them is good). Watch out for what they are doing!


The title screen and all wild Pokemon are changed.
New box art.


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