Pokemon Burning Ruby (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: giradialkia
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Burning Ruby is a hack of Pokemon Ruby which we usually play. Well, if there is no changes or improvements to an ordinary game… we will know call it a true hack. By knowing that, the author of this hack has many things to impress us. All right, check them out.

You have heard so much about the beautiful Hoenn Region, don’t you? Fortunately, your parents decide to move there with all of your family’s stuff. Yeah, with this move… you have to say goodbye to your old friends – your old beloved hometown. “It will be all right soon,” you say that to yourself. Tadahhhhh, Hoenn Region is here. It is so beautiful and even much more than what you have heard. After setting up everything in your room and your new house, you go out for a walk to enjoy the fresh air and atmosphere here. “Somebody help me! Helpppppppp!” suddenly you hear those screams from nowhere. When you come to the place of those screams, you see a man in white uniform is being attacked by a new wild Pokemon which you have never seen before. He tells you to get a Pokemon in his pocket and save him. You immediately choose one and save the man by defeating that Pokemon. He tells you that he is Professor Birch, the Pokemon Expert in this Hoenn Region. He takes you to his Pokemon Laboratory. Here you will also meet his daughter, she will become your rival much later on. Finally, you can own a Pokemon for yourself, and after owning that Pokemon you will have the first battle with that girl. Winning or losing doesn’t matter since it is just a normal test. You return to your home and tell your mother that you will set out for your new Pokemon adventure. She allows you to do so. From here, you will have an unexpected Pokemon adventure with many things waiting ahead. Go straight!


The Hoenn Region is completely remade with new routes – new caves – new Pokemon evolution methods – new Legendary – new wild Pokemon – new Trainers.
New sprites


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