Pokemon Cataclysm (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: MiniminGames
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.0.2

Pokemon Cataclysm is a remake of the hack called Galemon Eclipse that MiniminGames developed several years ago and now he wants to finish it. The main codebase of this hack is based on Pokemon Ruby. The version we have and provide to you is Alpha 1.0.2.

With the completely new world to explore and a lot of new Fakemon to catch, Pokemon Cataclysm is a good choice for you to download.


In the past, your world has 2 main forces: the Voyde and the Glyte. The Voyde, lead by Unrequited, included bad guys and wanted to own this world with the dark powers. The Glyte, lead by Veetagron, tried to gather troops to fight against the Voyde. Finally, the Glyte was the most successful and won that battle. In the Glyte territory, humans established towns and civilization and became what it is today.

Tom, your best friend, travels to Detuns and finds Voyde Gem. It is the key to unleash the full power of Unrequed and spell doom to the Glyte realm. You are one of Glyte force and get summoned to Detuns. What happens next? You will have the answer if you play.


A new intriguing story
Detuns Region with new places
100% New Sounds and Music
A lot of Fakemon
Summer Forest Events
Diamond Forest Events
Redesigned Veetagron
New Designing of Pokemon Center


Download Instructions

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