Pokemon Celestium (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Alignment
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Celestium is a Pokemon FireRed hack in 2010 on PokeCommunity. The author has created a little complex storyline. Well, it is not so hard to know before playing this hack.

All right, here are what we need to know. Pokemon are friends of human, right. But some others do not think that they think Pokemon is their weapons – tools – or something like that. And there are wars. People keep dying because of those arguments. No matter how young or how old they are, they still use Pokemon as the ways they want. One more thing: long ago, when the planet Tyes collapsed to the Earth… its creatures called Emon has taken the place of the regular Pokemon. And there was one Calamity War between human and these Emon, the human side failed heavily. There were five years since the day of that Calamity War. This is the time for you to appear, our protagonist. You are a ten years old boy. You have too little memories of the Calamity War since your mother just told you that your father joined this war. And one day, you hear something about a weird device which can capture Emon and end this war. You are summoned to the ceremony hall of your town. At the hall, you know everything about that capturing device and get ready for a bigger adventure across the region. Your partner will be a weak Charmander at first, but through times it will become stronger. Well, it’s time to go!


Right from the start, you get a pair of Running Shoes.
Several side quests for getting the items.
A mixture of new and old HMs.
Later in the game, you can meet your main rival.
The Emon (or should we call Fakemon) are strong.


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