Pokemon Charcoal (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Rocky Lincourt
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: r8.2

Pokemon Charcoal is a hack of Pokemon FireRed and it comes from Charcoal Studios (what an impressive name for a group of Pokemon hackers). At first, this hack was made only for the Game Boy Advance system.

And much later on, through time… the group has changed their first ambition: make this game available on different platforms, especially the PC. We do not know when will they release that information, so must focus on the current hack.
Basically, this game is not so different from its origin FireRed. A Pokemon trainer who is always wanted to follow his Pokemon dream from childhood days… he is none other than you. This is the time for you to go around, grasp a Pokemon with a Pokedex, pack on the bag and go. Fight for what you believe, fight for your pride and especially the Pokemon Champion title. The opponents along your way are not so weak, they can beat you just in a blink of your eyes. Before any battle, think about your strategies carefully and choose your Pokemon wisely because they have many advantages as well weaknesses.


The developer team has many guides about playing this game on some different devices and operating systems.
New music, new graphics, new sprites.


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