Pokemon: Chronicles of Soala (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Christos
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 9.0 (Completed)

Pokemon: Chronicles of Soala is a hack version made from Pokemon FireRed. Its author is a moderator on PokeCommunity some years ago. At the first place, he didn’t intend to do it because it was an April Fool joke.

He was also working on a hack called Pokemon Liquid Ocean at that time. After that, he continued to create the Pokemon Chronicles of Soala, the successor of Pokemon Liquic Ocean.


Three new regions for researching and exploring: Soala, Osenia, Orange Archipelago. There are 20 badges in total, each region contains 8 badges and 4 from Orange Islands. Finally, when getting all of them… you can enter Pokemon Championship.
You will travel through snowy mountains, underwater temples, tropical islands, volcanoes, swamps, jungles, etc… You can fly yourself into Space by tracking Jirachi with one of the organizations you face in this game. Besides, with the help of Chronos Tribe and the power of Celebi… you can go back to the past and discover the origins of the regions and their secrets.
There are 9 rivals for you to compete, include Red – Crystal – Ritchie. You can choose your own ways to interact with each one. If you meet and battle with all of them, you can get a big reward at the end of this game.
You will encounter several organizations, small, big, evil, good, each with its own dreams. Which side will you choose? Good or Evil or Neutral? Whatever you choose, those decisions will heavily affect your ending.
All the Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI! That means you can have 673 Pokemon to catch. The author will release a patch contains all seven Pokemon generations in the future.
New moves, new abilities and new music.


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