Pokemon Congbu (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Satoshi Sugimori.
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Congbu is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. Maybe you will feel the name Congbu a little bit of weird when hearing it for the first time. Nah, it is okay. Those members said that this hack is an improvised game (which means the team can release anytime while they are developing it).

All right, here is our storyline. You – our protagonist, our Pokemon hero – is a young kid (as usual) who always dream of becoming a true Pokemon Trainer someday! The world around you is so big, so large and you want to explore it with your own imaginations. Yeah, the imaginations of a kid are unlimited. Also, you want to fight, you want to prove yourself as a recognized trainer although from here to that day there will be many things to do. An enlightenment is necessary for you to learn and search more about this world. One day, when you are playing with your Pikachu in a picnic trip… a Nidoran suddenly comes and start to play with Pikachu. You are watching them, and in a moment you do not notice… these two falls into a cave. After announcing to everyone, you officially start your Pokemon adventure by searching for these Pokemon first!


Many new things: Storyline – Palette – Tiles – Characters – Rivals.
There are no gyms at all and only Legendary encounters.
Some Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl.


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