Pokemon Crimson Skies (Fan Game)

Author: Florio
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: RMXP
Language: English
Version: Demo 2

Pokemon Crimson Skies is another RPG Maker XP-made Pokemon game and available to play. Although it is still an in-progress hack, its potential is big enough to satisfy many Pokemon fans. Now, let’s come to its storyline.

Long long ago, all Legendary Pokemon live together in another dimension called The Crimson Skies. This is also the place of Arceus, the Alpha Creator of all Pokemon. He has created the four Crimson Items: Crimson Staff, Crimson Pendant, Crimson Crystal, Crimson Tablet. When connecting and fusing together, they will open the gate of Crimson Skies.
And now, when the time flew by… the Zhou Region was formed. It is a lush, diverse region which was the first place inhabited by Pokemon. It contains all Pokemon. The Zhou Region and the Crimson Skies have a close connection. Everyone who is living in the Zhou Region has known too well about the legend of the Crimson Skies: when gathering enough four items together, the gate of that dimensional rift will be opened and all Pokemon will come to the real world; many Legendary Pokemon will also get their appearance. Some people think that this is just an urban legend, a fairy tale for children. The others think not, at least the grandfather Viktor of our protagonist. He knows the truth about Crimson Skies and forms a council to protect the four Crimson Items in the Sacred Temples which are put deep inside the Zhou Region. They are called The Temple Of Guardians.
Again, the leader of an evil team called Team Crimson is trying to perform his bad ambition. He also knows the truth about the Crimson Skies, he wants to summon all Legendary Pokemon and even Arceus. And so, his grunts stole the Crimson Crystal. Viktor has ordered his grandson to retrieve that item immediately. From this point, our main trainer will get one of the following Pokemon to be his partner: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile. He is the only hope to stop Team Crimson.


All 721 Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI are catchable.
A new, big region with many interesting secrets – unlocks – items – side-quests – NPCs.
All the 8 Gym Leaders are new. The Elite Four is also new, too.
The locations of all gyms are different, not all of them will stay in the same town.
The battles are more challenging now, not so easy.
A Pokemon will follow our players.


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